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Care to Share appreciates your inquiry. Our mission is to provide handmade products to our customers as well as provide livelihood for the shrinking artisan communities around the world. Supporting these artisans doesn't only provide livelihood for them, it also helps the art thrive and get passed down the generations. 

Pashmina Facts :

  • There are many grades of Pashmina, widely known as Cashmere in the west. 
  • All our Pashminas are 100% Cashmere wool and silk. These are handwoven by various Himalayan artisans whose families have done this for generations.
  • There are many factors that define a Grade of Pashmina, like, combination of wool and silk, thickness of each fiber, smoothness of each fiber, weaving techniques etc.
  • Finer and smoother the Pashmina, the more expensive it is. 

Hand Bags Facts :

  • Did you know all our hand bags are made of cotton? Also, many of them, especially, the multi-colored patch worked ones are made of extra scrap materials.
  • These handbags are handcrafted by highly creative individuals whose focus is to create great products with what they already have. Not only the craftsmen and, but our beloved planet will thank you for using these bags!!!!!!

 Jewelry Facts:

  • All our Royal Collection is handcrafted on a metal frame by very skilled artisans.
  • All our Necklaces are also handcrafted  on a metal plate by artisans who use what they have to create unique products. In this particular case they have used Lac, a product obtained like silk, to design cool pendants.
  • All our Mix n Match collection too, is handcrafted on a metal frame by a small community of artisans who just work on making unique bracelets for their livelihood.