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Ancient Uses of Frankincense Resin

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When my kids were getting frequently sick my grandmother suggested using Frankincense to cleanse my home. I laughed and told her that my house gets cleaned and disinfected daily, but my grandmother kept insisting that I must cleanse it with Frankincense as we did every evening when I was a child. My first memory of Frankincense goes as far as the age of 2! I still remember that strong aroma that used to fill our house and my grandfather's office every evening! It always  brought a calm & peaceful aura with it. My grandfather at his office and grandmother at our home chanted softly while spreading the smoke from indirect burning of this resin on coal to every corner of our office and home.

I immediately agreed to do it cause it reminded me of this sweet childhood memory! After cleansing our home for about 4 to 5 times in week I could feel sense of peace in my heart and kids were able to sleep well at night! My husband liked the smell and feel of it, so he started doing it about 5 times a week. Call it a coincident or magic of Frankincense, but it worked for us. Our kids didn't get sick so often and it became kind of peaceful.

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I still had my doubts about it, so I asked my grandmother why it was used? To my surprise her answer was so short and to the point. She said " My dear, you guys think too much. Frankincense is called "Dhoop" in India and inhaling it, is simply calming to the mind and the surroundings. Once mind is calm it doesn't attract negativity and when surroundings are calm things happen in beautiful harmony. Use of Frankincense is roughly dated 5,000 years ago! Ayurveda, ancient Indian medical science, completely herbal and natural, has used it for many diseases. " I read much research on it by today's researchers, but Ayurveda has by far the best knowledge about Frankincense. I believe it because generations after generations have used "Dhoop" in India and have benefited. Please leave us your thoughts on Frankincense and our article.



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